Cubase and Win 10 updating


I was looking for ideas for how to deal with Win 10 Home update; it seems to be causing some issues, i.e. clicks and dropouts, in Cubase when Win 10 accesses the internet to look for updates (or tries to access the internet if I have disabled the wireless card)

My approach at present is to run the updater first thing when I start up the computer in the morning. I can lose 15 min or so some days but this seems to help.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Please note that I have already “fixed” the other issues such as unused sound drivers and video drivers.

Luckily I fo not see (hear) a similar issue but here is a thought…

Not sure if this is available in the Win 10 Home edition but in Pro there are settings in the Win 10 update section that allow for checking and doing the actual update install at a time/frequency of your choice. It also allows for some other “adjustments” that might minimize the effect the updates are having when updating at the same time as using Cubase.

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For me, My computer is NEVER connected to the internet while recording. That also goes for the virus checker. That also gets disabled.

The only way I see to somewhat tame 10 Home edition is to go into the Network & Internet> Ethernet in settings and turn on “metered connection”. In settings make sure under updates & security > advanced options that enabling this policy… is unchecked.

This works on my Home machines.

Thanks for the replies, I think I finally found the solution to my problem. It was an IRQ conflict between Firewire and an old wireless card I had left on the motherboard. Even though I had disabled the card in the Win 10 settings the computer was still trying to access it and causing pops and clicks. I had to remove it completely and am now using a USB wireless when I need to connect to the internet. Another lesson learned (or more probably relearned)!

As implied by Prock in the post, I can see that I should have loaded up the full version of Win10 when I first upgraded from Win 7, it is so much more flexible. I don’t really want to go through a complete reinstall so I will probably stay with W10 Home and continue to update and scan first thing in the morning just to be on the safe side.

Cheers, Ricardo