Cubase and Windows - Asio Pilot Utilisation

Hi everyone,

I did an update of Windows few days ago and got some change concerning the utilisation of ASIO pilot by cubase and other programs.

let me explain :

One year ago, I bought a new computer with windows 10 and I bought Cubase 10 as well. I was running on Cubase 5 for a long time and one of the useful function I really liked with my new config was using simultaneously Asio Driver with cubase and other programs. So, Without activating the function “Release Driver when Application is in Background”, I was able to listen to cubase and watch a Youtube video at the same time, or playing my projects while listenning online samples at the same time which was really usefull for my workflow. Since my last windows update, I can’t do so anymore. When running, Cubase is hogging the audio driver and this precious function does not work anymore. I tried to find some answers on forums but didn’t find a solution yet, maybe I did not use the right key words to find it.

Hope you guys will help me with this.

Thanks in advance,


Drivers or driver settings (Multiclient)
Don’t allow windows to take exclusive control of the driver.
Not really anything in Cubase to adjust.

Hi peakae,

Thank you for your help, I already disabled this function on Windows, problem still there… :confused:

RME products allow “multiclient” operation. Not sure what other drivers do though…

Make sure that your windows audio setting sample rates match what you’re using in Cubase, and it should be ok. Sometimes you can’t play both sources at once because of the fixed sample rate that the DAW is enforcing.

Also, you need to be using the manufacturer supplied ASIO driver, not something like ASIO4ALL.

Thank you so much skijumptoes, problem solved, windows sample rate changed after update, everything’s ok now… thank you so much !