Cubase and yamaha MX88 frustrations

I am a beginner with Cubase and yamaha MX88. I have tried to figure this out on my own but to no avail. Here is one problem. I open a new project.
First track is Midi…
I select Chugga guitar from keyboard voices…it is part 1 (upper shown voice on keyboard display)…input All Midi inputs…YamahaMX(…Series-1) output and Program selector changed to Chugga guitar. I record my chugga guitar…playback is fine…chugga guitar.

Here comes the problem.
Second track is aVST instrument…Kontakt and I choose Butch Vig Drums. Setting input All midi inputs, kontakt output and program selector is midi channel o program. When I record…keys play both Butch Vig drums AND new Chigga sounds. When I play back I only hear The chigga from the first track and only the Butch Vig drums on the second track. So it comes out right…but why does the keyboard play Butch vig drums and new chigga sounds at the same time pressing the keys when i am recording the second track.

I hope that makes sense. Trying to explain with detail. Probably too much!

Thank you.


Have you got the different parts set to different midi channels? Are both track record enable? Only the one you want to record should be record enable.

Yes different parts to different midi channels and only one track record enabled at a time. I still hear two sounds (chugga from MX88) and butch vig drums at the same time when I press a single key. Again, after I record the second track…the playback is as it should be chugga on first track and butch vig drums alone on second track. It’s weird that during recording of the second track, when I press C on the keyboard, I hear a drum sound but also a chugga sound as well overlapping on each key.

Thanks for any other suggestions you might have!

Did you turn the “Local” off on your keyboard?

What you describe usually happens when the Local is turned on. So the keyboard responds to both incoming midi signals and internal keyboard.

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That was it misohoza! Thank you.