Cubase & Anti Virus Software / Firewalls / Latency

RE: Cubase & Anti Virus Software / Firewalls

Hi, I’m trying to improve latency & I know ‘ideally’ your DAW shouldn’t have Anti virus software installed

However, realistically this makes life very difficult when everything needs updating all the time

Turning off A/V software temporarily is a faff as it doesn’t like being turned off so it takes an age. with it off you are left exposed on the web

Same with firewalls plus windows will nag u if u turn things off

Any ideas folks?

What AV & Firewall are you using ?

I guess I won’t be much help as my DAW is never on the Internet, so there’s no AV or firewall on it.

If I need to do an update I do it manually from another machine and transfer it via a USB memory stick.

Thx for the comment Paul. Using AVG Free as the Mcafee home product was very intensive & slow. I’m not that fussed about it updating I can force that to be manual I guess - it’s having it running in the background all the time that drags performance down I think

wonder what the Steinberg official line is? Manually transferring & uploading updates for everything on the DAW PC would be a hassle…

I would recommend switching from AVG to either Avira ( which is free & what I use ) or Avast ( not sure if Avast is free or not ).

I found AVG was getting to be a real dog with slowdowns & false alerts, and since I switched to Avira it’s so much better, quicker updates, and one click to disable it temporarily if needed.

Well in my case, I triple boot, and once my main DAW partition is setup, I rarely change it.

Seems like a lot of people here are now using the Internet with their DAWs so maybe it’s not such an issue like it used to be.

Big fan of avira as well, it’s very light and responsive.

It throws an ad at you when it updates, but that really doesn’t bother me.

Thanks guys - will give avira a whirl…