Cubase are silent ur 22 mk2 are soundless

Cubase 10.5 are soundless and ur22 are soundless?

I have Catalina, Cubase 10.5 and ur22 mk2

are you really expecting anyone to manage to help you from that information?

this could be ANYTHING from unplugging/replugging your interface to select the correct driver in Cubase to god knows what.

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I have Catalina, cubase 10.5.12 and ur 22 mk2 and iMac 27 4.2 48 ram 3 tb fusion drive. I updated to Catalina and the latest Cubase version .then it started . If i chose builtin speakers i got sound.

I got the Messege to switch USB port to make it work!

An elicenser problem acurd . I have to Swish USB port for my dongel.

Please help me! I have tried to reconnect the ur22 mk2 and the licence dongel but no sound!! I have usb-driver 2.0.2!
Thanx in advance
Best reguards
Tobias Nilsson

hello, i have updated all my stuff but STILL It doesn’t work!please help me!!

had some assistance from Hamburg, and some updates and I have sound, but I have trouble with mylicence key, I have to move to another port
I A.M. so happy that it works!!
Tobias nilsson

now its the same problem, but Mac os 10.15.5 solved the problem!!

now it is the same problem!! and a elicense problem, don’t find the liceses change USB port!!

i have updated my elicenser but no sound, Iam desperate!!

I updated my Mac OS to 10.15.6 and it worked, but I am tired of this problem! :mrgreen:

hello, have updated my pad shop 2 to polarities and evo Elysium, but its the same problem; no sound. please help me!

i have updated my elicense but still not a sound!

I Wait for big sur to solve the problem!

A new Mac OS Update fixed the problem!!

now there is a e-licence problem! but I just put my dongle in another USB port then it works!!

I updated the elisenceprogram and it worked!

now its a e-licence problem but I just put my dangle in another port then it works!!