Cubase are untuning/ changing Tunes some instruments

Hey guys, Whats up?
Im from Brazil and Im having some problems with C7
Suddenly onde or two instruments are changing Tunes automaticaly.
I realmente dont know how tão fix This

I have a MacBook Pro with i5 core and 8gb Ram
Did you feel it b3fore?

Can you help me?

Hi and welcome,

Is it an virtual instrument or an Audio Track?

If it’s an audio track, make sure, you are using the same sample rate, of the project, as it is sample rate of audio files. If the file has different sample rate, resample it, please.

Hi Martin
Unfortunately its an Virtual Instrument Track, mainly if itsnt Freezed.
The problem is sometimes discover what channel is!

I produce only, it`s difficult to produce with Facebook or anything else opened.
I have a Apogee Duet and a Macbook Pro i5 8GBRaM.

I didn`t realize what is the reason or moment this is occurring.


It could ne the same issue, when the track is frozen. The track plays back the audio file behind, in fact. Again, chack, the Sample rate, please.

It happens with any sample rate. Of course that change sample rate during production can solve this for a moment, but just for a few moments because it will be change again.

You should always use only the onesamplerate for the whole project.

You are not understanding.
I don’t change samplerate all the time. I just do it to try fix this problem (and works only for a few minutes, because will happens again in another instrument or Music part.)

I start a new project, normaly on 48khz Andre 24bits, and on the middle of production, just sudenly, the Tunes of an instrument changes automaticaly. Withou ANY action! Withou ANY settings to do this or any touch!


The only reason for this, I could imagine is, the audio device changes its Sample rate. But I don’t know why.