Cubase Artist 10.0.30 ARA and Melodyne

I have installed the latest versions of both Melodyne and Cubase 10 Artist. I have problems not seeing Melodyne as a cubase extension; has anyone solved this problem please?

I have been informed (by Steinberg support staff) that ARA support IS available in the Artist version despite the capability matrix (

When I raise a ticket with the support line they refer me to …
You can load and use Melodyne in Cubase Artist 10
Please you should read and follow the instructions which are available at the following link, please”
… both these links refer to cubase Pro version.
I do not have the option to select Audio > Extensions, the option is not available to see extensions in my Artist version.

Anyone help me please? Or can Steinberg support staff confirm or deny that ARA support (for Melodyne) is available in cubase Artist 10.

Many thanks

In the General Section it doesn’t show Artist capable of ARA2

Hope Im wrong

That said

You need to have the latest version of Melodyne 4.2.2 I think

Some have had issues getting the Extension to show up so there is that as well.

I have the latest versions of all softwares, any idea how to fix the “extension does not show” issue?
I am using Artist 10.
Many thanks

If you missed the answer to this question, the ARA option only shows up under the Extension header if you are using 32bit C10. I may have misread this Steinberg info, they could be saying that it SHOULD work in 32bit processing - however - I’m using 32bit processing in my 64bit Cubase 10 version and Melodyne DOES NOT show up under the Extension header.

OH, one other thing, someone else said it shows up in the Mac domain but not in Windows.

Thank you Mr. Roos (great screen name!), I shall give your suggestion a try

One other thought? Today I bought/downloaded Melodyne Assistant, an upgrade to Essential, and the Extension tab showed up in my Project window. First time. They’ve dropped the price to $99, maybe worth a look. It seems quite the step up actually. Unfortunately the learning curve remains the same…:frowning:

I think I have solved the problem.
I downloaded a Pro version and trial licence, primarily so that I could see how the integration works with the Pro version. Everything work well as detailed in the Cubase release notes and the YouTube videos. I then ran the same link and called for my Artist licence - it worked exactly as the pro version did.
I can only think that the update from 10.0.20 to 10.0.30 did not work fully and that by doing a clean install of 10.0.30 the problem was rectified.

Wow, So Nbevan3, I came here to confirm if ARA2 Will indeed work with Artist, since Artist & Pro both had same upgrade download to 10.0.30. Because I noticed on Steinberg Version Comparison, ony Pro has the tick for ARA 2 Support. So, does this mean you can confirm that my Artist will work with Melodyne directly in my Cubase? (P.s. My Pc is being fixed so I never installed my Cubase yet, that’s why I am asking.)

I can confirm that my copy of cubase Artist 10.0.30 and (the latest version of) Melodyne essential works with ARA communication

Thank you very much Nbevan3… I think I can say Yeppppieee!!

It looks like, even though the splash screen said I was using my Artist licence, I may have been using my temporary Pro licence. Not that my temporary licence has expired, my ARA support has disappeared. I have raised this with the Cubase support team and they are now saying that ARA support is NOT available in the Artist version.
Watch this space for updates if I have any

Sorry for the misleading post earlier folk!

Sorry to hear of this.

Thanks Nbevan. I fail to see why Steinberg would put such a limitation on both Elements and Artist… There it is, Cakewalk by bandlab - Totally Free DAW, has ARA integration, with which one can use Melodyne from, same as one can do with Cubase Pro.

I totally agree with you, I don’t understand why this discrimination. In Cubase Artist there are already many limitations but this interferes with the workflow and is worse than a limitation. They could also only add Ara support without adding more extensions. I hope so because it is unfair to anyone who feels comfortable with the Artist version.