Cubase Artist 10.5 crashing


So I have a new copy of Artist 10.5, which I have never used before. I used to use Acid and I did a bunch of research and chose Cubase as my upgrade moving forward to the next level of in home music production. I was super excited about it. I am running it on a less than 1 year old MSI GS75 Stealth. I finally have my USB key, I finally have it all set up and ready to go, and, it turns out, Cubase won’t stay running. I am trying to watch videos instructing me on the basics, and every time I try, Cubase crashes completely in the first 5 minutes. It happens with different functions, and at different times. Sometimes when I am not even on the Cubase screen. It happens when my browser is closed or open. I happens when my other major programs are closed. It just won’t stay open. I can’t even have it open long enough to get a single sample track laid down. I sent an email to customer support last week which included a detailed explanation and my computer specs in detail, and what I got back was a “please give us time we are super busy right now” email.

While I can understand being swamped, at some point… I paid a good chunk of change for this program. It doesn’t work “out of the box”, and I currently have no reason at all to suppose that I will get a response in a timely manner. If I am paying Steinberg this much money for a professional product, I expect it to work, or at the very least to receive professional and timely support. I’m not a programmer or a computer genius. I shouldn’t have to be to get the thing to work. Right now, I am seriously unimpressed, and am getting very close to asking for my money back and going somewhere else for a program that won’t crash on me, so that I can get to making music. It’s a good thing I am not on a timeline, or I would be genuinely angry. As it is, I am simply annoyed. Between the time it took to get the ridiculously unnecessary USB key in the mail and this, I am now 2 weeks from date of purchase and I still can’t use it.

This is completely unacceptable.

What is my recourse here? I honestly am not even sure that Steinberg would refund my money, if I asked. Am I just stuck in limbo, waiting?

Hoping for some advice or help here.
Thank you.

Welcome to the limbo. I have been in the same boat for ages. I had a discourse with support. Just boiler plate response, have you updated your drivers? etc. Was then told it would be fixed in the 10.0.6 update, it wasn’t so I doubled down with the 10.5 upgrade, still not fixed. I come on here every couple of months now to see if anything has changed but no, just a million more posts from people saying how it crashes all the time.