Cubase Artist 10.5 doubts

Hello i have cubase 10.5 elements and thinking to switch to cubase 10.5 artist ( i still have win7) , so what upgrade i shoud buy and how since 11 is current version , will licence for artist 11 work on 10.5 artist version ?

also may i buy t his to upgrade myself from 10.5 elements version to artist

All the best , thank you and have a nice day



Yes, you can start Cubase Artist 10.5 with Cubase Artist 11 license.

No, this is upgrade from Cubase AI, this won’t work. You need an upgrade from Cubase Elements.

Hello , Martin , thank you very much for clearing those doubts ! :slight_smile: btw i have 4/5 le licences will that work from thomann upgrade offer ? ( i supose not but to ask)


No, it won’t work either. The “Thomann upgrade offer” is from Cubase AI only.

ok , ok ,thanks :slight_smile: