Cubase Artist 10.5 limited to 72 tracks?

I’m working on my first large project in Cubase 10.5 but can’t seem to import any more tracks. The limit is 72 for some reason. The Steinberg website says the number of tracks should be unlimited, and I can’t find anything else online regarding a limit of 72 tracks. I’m still relatively new to the software (maybe this is a quick fix in preferences?), and any help would be much appreciated.

hi Bret - welcome to the steinberg forum :slight_smile:

What happens when you try to import more tracks ? is there an error message ? how are you importing the tracks ?

what version do you have? Pro?

Thanks for the quick response! And Glad to be here :slight_smile: I’ve tried both importing and dragging in tracks. It asks me if I would like to insert on one or different tracks. I select different, but they do not appear if I have already reached 72 tracks.

Whoops, sorry! Cubase Artist 10.5

I seem to have reached 73 tracks haha

(you mentioned the version in the thread title :slight_smile: )

can you create the tracks ‘manually’ without importing anything ?

our replies overlapped - what happened - are you fixed ?

(I just added it in there) Good idea! Hmm, when I try and add a track the “add track” button is greyed out.

Not yet, I pulled in a handful of tracks but it stopped importing after reaching 73 total tracks.

are you 100% sure you are on Artist ? Do you have an elicencer/dongle ?

Yes, I purchased Artist 10.5 and have an e-licenser usb.

Doh ! - I’m an idiot, sorry, Cubase 11 artist has unlimited tracks but 10.5 is limited (I’m 99.99999% sure)

  • Record and mix up to 64 audio and 128 MIDI tracks
  • 32 instrument tracks
  • 32 VST instrument slots

should have spotted that - and I suspect @anon68974185 was on the right track straight away.

That’s what I suspected since I wasn’t able to find the specs for 10.5 online! I guess the comparison page on the Steinberg site is describing Cubase Artist 11, which says unlimited tracks, so that would make sense. I had just been considering if I needed to upgrade, so this would answer that question as well :slight_smile: Thanks so much!!

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Yep, although i did not seen the title

it was added later :slight_smile:

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