Cubase Artist 10.5 update eats macOS Mojave application memory

Cubase Artist 10.5 update eats my macOS Mojave application memory even when idle. It reached 64 GB with a simple voice over project!!! On the screenshot below I have caught it at 23 GB. I have tried the same project with Cubase Artist 10.05, which I wisely kept - not deleting. Anyone experiencing similar weird behaviour since the.5 update? Ideas for solving this are so very much welcomed!

I’ve performed the following test: Opened an empty project, no VSTi loaded, only 3 VST plugins, let it alone for 15 minutes, while doing some housekeeping work on the computer. In idle state Cub ate 13 GB and was looking for more. :thinking:


Which plug-ins exactly have you loaded, please?

Sonible SmartEQ2
Waves NLS
Waves Scheps Omni Channel
Steinberg Maximizer
Waves WLM

It is not Plug-Ins fault. I have checked it, opening a completely Empty project. Waited for 10 minutes and everything looked right. But then I recorded a 1 min of voice only. Left the project open and alone and after 20 minutes it was already using 4.5 GB! What the heck?! 1 minute of audio (mono), no plug-ins, no processing. I hope Yamaha will fix this in their upcoming hotfix release.


Of course, it would be nice to narrow it down to one plug-in only.