Cubase Artist 10.5 won’t recognize external mixer.

Hi, I have an Allen & Heath mixing desk (analogue) which I would like Cubase to recognise. Reason for this is that my monitor speakers are connected to the desk and would like to listen to Cubase through them. The desk can be connected to the PC via a USB cable. My MIDI controller is a Korg Kross and would be connected to Cubase via the desk. The desk needs no drivers for the PC. I have tried connecting desk to PC but Cubase doesnt spot it. Is there a setting I could use on Cubase for me to play my keyboard through the desk then desk into Cubase. Would also like to use the desk as an audio interface to record real instruments into Cubase. Hope that’s clear. Or, do I just need some better speakers for the PC ? Don’t think I can use my big monitors as they are large jacks or XLR into the desk currently. Any help would be great. Thankyou

Which drivers do you get for selection in cubase? If the ZED doesn´t come with a dedicated ASIO driver you ned to use a generic one in cubase, or ASIO4All. And that is also the reason, why Cubase will not recognise your mixer as your mixer, but as a generic USB audio device.

Hi, in Cubase I get Asio4All driver. In the ‘audio connections’ tab I have my keyboard (Korg Kross) as the input bus and the output bus is my Bose speaker set up for the PC. The Zed is plug and play according to Allen & Heath so needs no dedicated driver. The set up I want is the Zed connected to the PC via the USB connection (MIDI). Then my Korg going through the Zed. In this way, the Zed acts as an audio interface. Main reason for this is I want my good speaker monitors to be in use coming out of the Zed. I could bypass the Zed by connecting the Korg directly into the PC and use my Bose speakers connected to the PC as the output. However, this gives me no external input because the Zed is out of the loop and no use of my (better) monitor speakers. I understand that buying another smaller audio interface would cure this, but then I wouldn’t be utilising my Zed. The problem remains that Cubase doesn’t recognise the Zed. It could be that I have to sort the bus in/outputs on Cubase, but really don’t know how. It’s not a driver issue. Any advice would be great! Many thanks

If the ZED does not come with a dedicated ASIO driver, then Cubase will not recognise it as a dedicated ZED mixer, but as a generich USB device, or in case of using ASIO4all, cubase will recognise the ASIo4all driver, which must the be configured to include the ZED In- and outputs, in the ASIO4all setup, and in cubase.


As written above configure the ASIO4all driver and then the Cubase VST connections.

Which OS? Which USB connection? What is your system panel saying about the audio device?