Cubase Artist 10 + control surface

I was thinking of buying the Behringer X Touch for mixing with my Cubase Artist setup, but I’ve realised that the ability to overwrite automation data is restricted in Artist. Features such as ‘Touch’ and ‘Latch’ are limited to Cubase Pro users only.

Does anyone have experience using a control surface with Artist? Does the X-Touch allow greater control of the mix, or do you have to hang-on-to-the-fader when overwriting existing automation lanes?


If there’s a restriction in “Artist” then it probably won’t matter what device you’re using.

I notice that the Behringer X-Touch and the Presonus Faderport both have Touch and Latch buttons on the control surface, and wondered it this was part of the Mackie HUI protocol which bypassed the limitations in Artist. I can’t quite justfy the expense of a control surface and a Cubase upgrade!