Cubase Artist 10 crash on opening

Running Cubase Artist 10.0.10 on iMac with OS HS (10.13.6)

Whenever choosing audio driver / sound card (see attached) during Cubase Artist 10 opening, the whole loading process disappears. No crash, no pop-up, no error message, just gone. Repeated opening several times, even re-installed OS, re-installed Cubase, re-installed audio drivers etc.

It also doesn’t matter which audio driver I chose, the loading simply stops & disappears altogether.

Note this issue is NOT happening with Cubase Artist 9.5, which opens and works just fine. Also, all program drivers / softwares are up to date.

Thanks for any input or advice.
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.55.13.png


Could you please double-check, if there is really no crash file created (located in the macOS Console utility under the the User Reports folder or /Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder)? Is it the same with the built-in Audio?

Thanks, Martin.
There is no log or file in the DiagnosticReports Folder. I kept the folder open while opening Cubase, no log or crash report was created.
The issue happens regardless of the audio driver chosen - built-in or external.


Could you try to trigger First Aid from the macOS Disk Utility, please?

Could you try to unplug all Audio Devices and keep only the Built-in Audio. Try to start Cubase with this setup, please.

Thank you, Martin.

  1. I have ‘cleaned out’ ALL Cubase / Steinberg related files and folder from my Mac (took me a while…!!!)

  2. Downloaded the full installer for CB 10 and installed; it is now loading properly after selecting audio driver / sound card

NOW I have a new issue: the Content has NOT been installed, and (as per screen shot) the Library Manager shows “no Library found”. Also, when accessing Media Bay the option to “Find missing files” is greyed out.


How big is the file, you have installed from?

Thanks, Martin.

It was the full CB 10 installer downloaded with Steinberg Download Manager (22gb, compressed)

Anyway, I have now re-wiped everything Steinberg / Cubase from my Mac, installed CB 9 and then the update 10.0.10 again.

Now all seems to be there and working, CB 10 opens and runs normally - although I can’t tell whether or not everything related to CB 10 has actually been installed properly, but I don’t want to touch anything anymore at this stage.

This has really been an unnecessary hassle but hope it can help Steinberg identify issues to improve their product. It seems to need it!


I’m glad it works to you now.