Cubase Artist 10 doesn't play all the events in a part except the last one

Hello folks, how’s life?
I recently upgraded to Cubase Artist 10, which looks smashing. But with different puzzling issues.
One, I’ve recorded multiple takes in a loop, so that later I can chose the best. Put them all as ‘Events to Part’. Then I want to hear each one by ‘Start play’. In my previous Cubase versions, the last recorded one plays and when muting it, the previous one plays and so forth. Here this doesn’t work, I mute the last one but NO OTHER event plays except that last one!! I can only play the other ones with the mouse and the small loudspeaker icon (9). But that’s not practical at all. And the manual has no explanation whatsoever. Can anyone give me a hint how to resolve that problem, please?

BTW, while reading in this forum, it seems Cubase has plenty of problems… Should I finally switch to ProTools ?

Loads of thanks in advance!


Are you talking about MIDI or Audio tracks?

You would read about the same amount of bugs in Pro Tools (and other DAWs) on its forum(s) too.

I mean audio takes. Put as events to part, so in a part. Only the last take plays back. If I mute it, another take doesn’t play back. So no way to hear all of my takes for choosing the best.


Use the Comp Tool (or Comp hot spot) to select, which event should by played back.

Ok guys,
I found the way for playing back recorded in a loop audio takes put in a Part. It is: Edit - Move to - Front (U).

And that Comp tool, I still can’t find WHAT exactly it does and HOW it does what it does, despite the “rigid” manual explanations. See an example:

  1. Select the Lane Comping tool or the Object Selection tool.
  2. Bring a take to the front to select it for playback, and listen to it. —(HOW ???)
  3. Audition different takes to compare them in more detail.
  4. If necessary, cut your takes into smaller sections, create new ranges, and bring them to the front.
  5. Proceed until you are satisfied with the result. … …

Well, I should say Cubase is excellent but the explanations are really far from well made. For example, it says “this (tool or function) does that”, but HOW it does it, it’s another issue to find where it is explained, or sometimes IF explained at all !!
Nothing is prefect in this reality…

Thanks anyway for your feedback.