Cubase Artist 10: Graphic glitches and very slow performance after MacOS Big Sur Update

Hey Guys,
After an update to the new MacOS Big Sur on my Late 2017 MacBook Pro, my Cubase 10 Artist (especially VSTs like Retrologue and Groove Agent) shows heavy graphic glitches, like bright purple stripes and glitchy patterns. Sometimes to the point the plug-in is unusable. Also the performance is suddenly extremely bad and laggy. Everything is very slow and not really a joyful experience anymore. Before the update everything worked perfectly. I even did a factory reset and reinstalled MacOS and cubase. I wrote to the Steinberg support already but also have suddenly no access to my requests anymore. Every time I try to go to „my requests“ it links me to the main page… Does everyone know a workaround, or if there’s a chance this will ever be fixed in an update? Or is this a way of forcing me to spend 130 Bucks and Upgrade to cubase 11?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Cubase 10 is not compatible with macOS 11 and it’s not in development anymore, so we cannot expect, it will ever become macOS 11 compatible.

No one forced you to upgrade to macOS 11, so no one forces you to update to Cubase 11. At this moment, Cubase 11 is marked as macOS 11 compatible, but not all included VSTis are macOS 11 compatible.

You can download Cubase 11 Trial and try it out.