Cubase Artist 10 install missing folder paths.???

Im having several problems with upgrading to Artist.
Its not finding presets for Halion Sonic SE3
Groove agent only pulling up The Kit Se
no content in Loops and samples
LoopMash also no files
File Edit Project bar at the top randomly becomes irresponsive
cause a needed reboot or unable to save file

Ive read a bunch of threads to no avail

Thanks for any input!


Download Full Installer, please and reinstall from this Full Installer. Make sure you:

  • Unpack the installer.
  • Install from the unzipped folder.
  • Install as administrator.

I reinstalled it with the .exe and everything is there seemingly. Was Happy for a while until my menu bar doesnt responded after you open it once…becomes irresponsive…tried minizing and maximizing …nothing works have to hotkey save then close and reopen cubase…