Cubase Artist 10 - Installation issue?

So, I have installed Cubase10 on Windows 10 , a while ago actually. I’m a complete newbie but been put off by trying to follow tutorials. The ones on the Steinberg hub take me to Cubase9 tutorials and are therefore not helpful because menus are different. I have located some other tutorials and they show the right pane->media->Loops and Samples, saying these are the standard ones installed. I had nothing there! So went to the download assistant and downloaded VST Sounds & Loops collection. Still didn’t seem right. I then figured out that I need to run the library manager and went with the defaults. Got a warning saying that the folder seems temporary, it was the %programdata% folder, which is fine. I should add that I have repeated this at least for times; removing Cubase10 and re-installing. I cannot even get playbook, the tutorials saying I should be able to connect to my computer’s soundcard, nothing is listed, and it says not connected. I am at the end of my tether and thinking off selling the license on!

Hi and welcome,

From the Steinberg Download Assistant, download Cubase 10 Full Installer. Everything you need is part of this Full Installer and nothing more, what you don’t need, is there.