Cubase artist 10 reverb

Hi All!
Does cubase artist 11 have Reverence and Revelation Reverb?

have a look

Thank you! I’ve tried to visit steinberg cubase Site before to post this . But something is wrong with the site. I can’t access the site. it open the first page then suddenly all gone. And It’s all white with nothing. will try later. TY anyway.

Which browser? Is it up to date?

Firefox, google chrome on mac. even try with my android phone same result: nothing!!

It works from here… maybe it’s a localization problem?

Thank you! I don’t know what to think. Actually I also have an PC laptop . Normally I don’t do much internet with it. But since Firefox and Google Chrome in my MacBook is up to date, why not trying the PC. And with this one with Edge I can get to Steinberg Cubase fully.
Thanks again!