Cubase Artist 10 - Trying Pro Trial and Can't Launch Kontakt Player

Hi all,

I recently bought Cubase 10 Artist and installed it onto a fresh Win10 build. I then installed Kontakt and all is working fine. I decided to try the Cubase Pro Trial that’s included in the Artist version for up to 24 hours use. However when I load that, I get a message saying “the Plug in Kontakt could not be found for instrument track”.

I opened the VST Plug-In Manager and refreshed it but no virtual instruments were found.

I’ve reverted back to the Artist version, and Kontakt is working again.

Can anyone help? I really want to know whether the Pro features would be useful to me as I’m considering the upgrade but don’t want to splash out without seeing everything working first.

Thanks in advance

In the plugin manager, you can set the path to where your vst2 plugins are. You probably have that set differently for the two cases.

You’re absolutely correct, thank you!