Cubase Artist 11 Demo?

I own Cubase 11 Pro, but would like to have my wife try out Artist 11 on her laptop so she can do her own vocal tuning. I can’t find demo of it, only Elements or Pro.

I was going to loan her my USB E Licenser, but I guess that means I’d have to download the license to my USB stick, then bring that to her computer for her to try.

Any comments appreciated.

I don’t understand. If you already have Pro wouldn’t the license for it already be downloaded to your dongle? A Pro license will also run Artist, so she could just download & install Artist. Then when she wants to run Artist she’d need to plug your dongle into her laptop - which of course means you can’t run Pro while she’s running Artist (or Pro even).

You are right that demos are only for Elements & Pro. And Pro needs a dongle to run. If you have 2 dongles then downloading the demo makes sense. But if you only have a single dongle with Pro on it, that will already run any version of Cubase - no need for a demo.

Keep in mind this whole dongle situation is about to change once 12 is released.


Not really. Cubase Pro and Artist is only one application (one executable). So if you have Cubase Pro license, the Pro edition always starts.

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As you likely know, Martin, many Steinberg products are like that - Dorico has one executable for Pro, Elements and the free SE tier, whilst Spectralayers has one executable for Pro, Elements and One.

Dorico has the nice feature of being to hold down keys to downgrade your licence at application startup if you want to run a lower tier. I have a Dorico Pro 4 licence. If I hold down Alt (Option on Mac), Dorico starts as Dorico Elements. If I hold down Ctrl (Cmd on Mac), Dorico starts as Dorico SE. I’d like to see this rolled out to other Steinberg apps, as it helps when collaborating with others who own a lower tier of the product that you do.

The problem @tomhartman faces will go away once Cubase 12 is launched, as he and his wife will have independent Steinberg Licensing accounts. For his wife to try Cubase Artist 11, if there is a trial licence available, she will need a USB eLicenser that does not contain his Cubase Pro licence.

Under what circumstances would you want to do this?

Examples include:

  • preparing educational materials for students who have a lower edition of the product
  • collaborating with others who have a lower edition of the product (so that you can make sure you don’t exceed any limits of the lower edition)
  • demonstrating the product to someone interested in a lower edition
  • working with yourself, when you have a lower edition of the product on a second computer or in a second location (though this problem pretty much goes away with Steinberg Licensing)
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