Cubase Artist 11 Stereo outs move when mixer scrolls

The stereo outs move when scrolling the mixer. I don/t know if this feature was implemented, after elements 9.5, but i don’t like it. It’s very helpful to keep them in place.


Use the MixConsole Zones and set the Stereo Out to the Right Zone, please.

It is on the right. I set the channel width to maximum making all tracks visible without needing to scroll. Other than that the stereo out isn’t visible when you don’t have the maximum amount of tracks visible. Thank you!

How? Step by step. Please.


  • Open MixConsole.
  • Show Left Zone.
  • In the Left Zone down, switch from Channel to Zones.
  • Find Stereo Out in the Zones and click the right dot.

And Sync MixConsole In Project. Thank you martin!

This is a good feature to the program. Thank you Frankenstein! :C