Cubase Artist 11 Upgrade

Hello Dear Friends and Greetings from Greece,

As I’m waiting for my UR44-C and Cubase Artist Upgrade from AI to arrive, there are some questions I’d like to ask.

  1. Do I have to install Cubase AI first and then Upgrade, or will I be able to install directly Cubase Artist using the codes?
  2. I’m now using A PC with Windows 10 Pro, but I’m thinking f getting a Mac Mini M1 when Cubase will be natively working on them. Of course, then I will be using only the Mac, so just one copy of Cubase will be on. Will I be able to use the same License for installing Cubase Artist 11 on the Mac, or will I have to pay something extra for that?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

The license controls the ability to run Cubase, not install it. A valid license allows you to run the version the license is for & any earlier versions.

  1. These are independent of order, but you will need to do both.
  2. If your license is on a dongle then it is perfectly ligit to install Cubase on both the Mac & PC and move the dongle back & forth between them.

I think it says that it comes with a dongle. Great!!! Happy to hear that I won’t have to buy anything else if I change to Mac. I just hope it will be easy enough to install everything when it arrives. Thanks for the quick answer!

I bought Artist 11 upgrade a couple months back. FYI you may have to call Steinberg and have them take control of your computer for the Elicensing part of it? I had to? There’s a process that the Steinberg people know that is not known to us in the Elicensing. I like Artist so far.

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Thank you for your answer. I did it all by myself. The interface part was easy, but installing Artist really took some time. Everything is working as it should and the integration of the UR44c in Cubase is great. I think I have everything I really need now for recording, mixing and mastering at home. Very satisfied with my purchase!