Cubase Artist 11 won't load a project with Reason Rack VST


I have a project in which I have Reason Rack as a VST. I included this in the project yesterday and it worked without any issues.

Tonight, I’m trying to load the project, but it gets stuck on the Reason 11 pane. I’m not prompted to log into Reason as I was yesterday and if I log into Reason in the normal way (i.e. as if I were going to use it via Rewire), it lets me do it, but then doesn’t let the project load up at all.

I’m kind of stuck - I can’t get into the Cubase project to remove the instance of Reason Rack and I can get the project to progress any further.

Any ideas?

You can use the Cubase Safe Mode dialog to disable 3rd party VSTs

Hi, Steve

Is that the first option in the list which appears when I’ve used Task Manager to kill off the session? And can I then resume as before or do I need to do anything else to get Cubase in general back to where it/I was?

In the absence of a follow up from you, I hit the first preference as outlined above. It did indeed let me back into the project, but none of my VSTs(Trilian, Omnisphere et al) were assigned to the required tracks and none were showing as viable VSTs.

They are all active if I load a different project, however.

Still can’t get beyond the point I was in my original question above.

This is not Steinberg tech-support, I am a user (though long-term) just like you, as are the vast majority of participants in the forum so set your expectations accordingly.

Anyway, with 3rd party VSTs disabled, you should be able to reroute the track to “No VST Instrument” from the track Inspector, even though the plugin is not available.


I didn’t assume your were Steinberg tech support - my apologies if that’s how it came across and also if I seemed a little terse. I genuinely was not, simply explaining that I charged ahead anyway.

Just read your reply - gotcha…will give it a go…

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Excellent! text lacks context!

Completely, mate…it’s why I hate speaking to anyone in text messages…eye of the beholder and all that.

OK, done that. Now…do I save the project with that channel routed to ‘No instrument’?

And will it then pull in the relevant VSTs for the project when I do a reboot?

Yes, save it. Yes, the project will open normally.

OK…and again, just to make sure I’m not screwing up massively here, if I save the project thusly, will it then reassign the requisite VSTs for the rest of the channels when I reload the project?

Just do it. The function of the safe mode dialog is precisely for this type of situation. As you can see, no routing has been changed, it’s only that the VSTs are not available to Cubase for this session. Once you start it up normally, all will be good.

I owe you one - brilliant, Steve.

Do you know why Reason is being such dick on this occasion? The Reason Rack loaded as a VST as sweet as you like.

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No, sorry I don’t use it. There was some discussion about Reason here. There might be more at the Reason forum?

I’ll try that - I just loaded it as a VST into a dummy project and it was fine, so perhaps the Reasonites can shed some light on it.

Thanks again for your help - I was genuinely stumped until you came to my aid.