Cubase Artist 11

Hello. Could someone please tell me how to turn off the extended section of the mix console.


Please name the thread properly.

What exactly would you like to show/hide, please?

Give me an example of naming the thread properly.
When I open the mix console the extended section is visible. I don’t want that.
I want to close that. Hide.


  • How to show only Faders in the MixConsole
  • Hide MixConsole’s Racks
  • Hide MixConsole’s Meter Bridge
  • Hide MixConsole’s Hardware tab

    In any case, I would mention Mi console and show/hide (section).

Sorry, I don’t know, what do you consider as extended. Maybe a screenshot with marking it would help.

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It’s the racks I was eluding to. To me that’s an extension of the lower zone. I’ve bought the product and jumped in at the deep end. I’m continually amazed. But I’m a beginning beginner. I had a fair dinkum go at hiding the racks but it was time to ask. I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time. There will be times when my questions seem frivolous to the initiated. I’m sorry for that. But how else do you learn? Thanks.


Click to the Window Set up icon (top right corner). Here you can show/hide the MixConsle’s sections. The button next to it shows you to show/here the Rack sections.

Thanks for all that. Sorry for any consternation. As I use the forum more I will become more aware of its protocols.