Cubase Artist 12.0.52 crashes on start up - MacOS Monterey V12.6.3

Systematic issue: Cubase Artist 12.0.52 always crashes when starting and does not work at all.
Uninstallation (making sure that all Steinberg items were deleted) and Reinstallation did not work at all!!
Would appreciate your help PLS. To whom can I send the crashlog please? Thank you!

If you read some posts in the forum you will see that people upload crash logs etc.

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Thank you for your message. Yes, before posting my issue I made some searches, read replies and followed the basic tips re cleaning and reinstalling Cubase Artist 12 but unfortunately, the issue is still here…

Post the file, not a paste of the texct.

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Cubase 12-2023-02-01-173044.ips (31.1 KB)

Oops, thanks! I have uploaded a crash log file, hope it’s ok.