Cubase artist 12 and guitar rig6 not displaying properly

I just upgraded guitar rig 6 , before that everything was fine, now (in cubase artist) the names of the presets do not show in irig6, nor do any of the labels on the displayed effects controls - when I run Irig6 standalone, everything is there, but in cubase these titles and labels no longer display - please help, it still plays, the presets are still there - but no text to navigate by


As you didn’t change anything in Cubase the new behaviour must be on the Guitar Rig side. Therefore I would get in touch with the NI support.

Provide the operating system and the graphic card, you are using.

Thanks Martin, I’ve done that now just waiting. Funny thing is that it isn’t happening on all tracks in all projects on cubase - some of them are displaying ok. Let’s see what they say.