Cubase Artist 12, microphone problem, no sound

Good day,

After a long time I’m setting up Cubase again.
I’m using a PHONIC Firefly 302 USB interface, a Yamaha digital piano for MIDI and a sE Electronics X1 S studio mic.

The interface and piano are working fine, but I encounter a problem with the mic.

On the interface, I can see the mic signal coming in (button to feed the mic with 48volts is swithed on as well)

In Cubase, I can see a little signal as well (the blue bar IS moving when I speak into the microphone), but it seems a super soft/quiet signal. I checked the volume on the interface and that was OK.

I checked the Audio Statistics of the recorded audio and it seems it’s like -75dB

Is there a setting I can change. Or do I need a preamp on the mic since the PHONIC interface is pretty old and the mic pretty new?

Thanks in advance for helping.

Kind regards,

What do you mean by this? The level on the meters is plenty strong, but not clipping?

What kind of levels are you seeing on your Cubase input channel?

I can change the input volume on the interface, and that was allright.
The level on the meter on the interface, is sometimes clipping. So it seems there’s a strong signal on the interface, right?

What I see on the input channel in Cubase, is a very soft signal (as in very quiet). When I talk into the microphone I can see there is input signal cause it’s moving.


The level at the interface seems plenty strong.

The meter you show (which is definitely showing a weak signal) appears to be from your audio track. What about the meter from the actual input channel?

Any plugins involved in the signal path?

Cubase pre gain turned down, maybe?

The firefly has a built in preamp for the mic input. So what happens if you adjust the preamp gain to max level?


When I do that, I can see the signal getting stronger on the interface and also a little change in the channel signal bar.

When I check the audio statistics, the statistics changed a few dB’s. But still very weak.

Then firefly’s onboard pre might have gone bad.
You can try a friend’s external preamp to double check it. If you get strong signal with an external pre then you know it’s firefly’s pre the problem.
In this case you can buy a cheap or expensive preamp, depends on your budget, to go with the firefly.
But I would say it might worth to buy a new interface all included.
It’s up to you to decide.

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