Cubase Artist 6.5.2 pre-release update around the corner

Dear Cubase Artist 6.5 users,

unfortunately two related major issues slipped thru in the Cubase Artist 6.5 version:

1) Entering notes in the Key Editor while the info line is displayed


2) Opening the Score Editor

may lead to an unexpected shutdown of Cubase Artist 6.5.

In order to get this solved as soon as possible we are going to release an unsupported 6.5.2 pre-release update on Wednesday next week. Of course the upcoming 6.5.3 will include both fixes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused for some of you.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Huzzah, thanks Steiny! :smiley:

:open_mouth: YES!!!

This makes my day, thanks Steinberg! Oh, I really do need to upgrade…

Yeeeeah! Great news! God bless you… Tomorrow is Wednesday…???

I think he’s talking about the next Wednesday…

This release also solves the non-velocity change effect? (Can not change velocity, it works only visual, whan I drag a smaller line, but what I hear is the same volume as before, nothing happens…)

just want to say thanks so much for the proactive communication and work!

Today is the day :smiley:

Still no sign?

Yeeehaa! Thinx work now! XXL-THANX!