Cubase Artist 6.5 font crash

Does anyone else have this same problem with Cubase Artist 6.5?

Certain fonts installed on my system make Artist crash at startup (usually at the point where the splash screen says “Loading GUI Resources”). So far I can’t find any particular pattern with the fonts. I just know that when I get new fonts, I have to insert them into the font folder one at a time and start Artist to see if they happen to crash the application. I don’t think the fonts themselves are bad, because Artist is the only application that gives me this kind of trouble.

This is very annoying, as I also do graphic design, so I can’t be without my fonts!

Does anyone know if Cubase Artist 7 has this problem? Would it be worth upgrading just to end this annoyance?


Hello, it’s me:
An update on the problem I posted here:

It seems the problem has to do with the number of active fonts. Fonts can be individually deactivated in Font Book (we’re talking about Macs here), and Cubase Artist 6.5 treats the font as if it weren’t in the folder at all. So that proves that the font isn’t the culprit.

So far, it’s not easy to tell what that “magic number” is before Cubase crashes. It’s not easy to tell how many are active at once. The number at the bottom of the Font Book screen is the total number of fonts, but less than that number can be active. Each font is counted, not just the number of typeface families.

If I ever figure out what number of active fonts Cubase Artist supports, I’ll post it, but it’s a long tedious job to find out! :confused:

And if it helps just one other Cubase user that happens to have at least 438 fonts in his/her library, it’s worth it. :smiley:

Very interesting bug, this might be something for Steinberg to figure out. You do have a whole lot of fonts though :slight_smile: