Cubase artist 6.5 project shutdown

Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on an issue I have. I recently purchased cubase artist 6 and did the online upgrade to 6.5 . Today I spent hours recording two tracks and saved the project as I went, I just went to do some more work on it and as soon as it loads I get an error message saying runtime error and cubase must shut down , which is what it does. I can open a new project and there seems no issue but opening the one I made today just keeps shutting down.

I am very new to cubase so I don’t know if this is just an update thing? Or have I done something stupid? Any help would be great, I’m a bit scared to start again. The track was one imported audio from my computer I was using as a guide, one halion sonic track & one audio track.

I really like cubase so far, but this is a bit frustrating

Did you assign any plugins?

Yes I had the vst amps on the audio track, but it’s the one that comes with cubase

I take it you have tried a complete shut down of the computer and restart?

Yes I did restart twice, but I can try again

I’d try a hard reboot. That is completely off and on again.

Woo hoo ! That worked thanks for the help…now back to the music

Thats the way :sunglasses:

Uhuh, uhuh. I like it! Uhuh Uhuh! :stuck_out_tongue: