Cubase Artist 6/7 Comparison (help?)

(i origianly posted this thread in Artist 6 forum but did not get any replies. So thought i would try placing it here as this forum may be more suited).

Hi folks,

i already have Cubase Artist 6 and was thinking of upgrading to Artist 7 costing £120. What i am not sure about though is three specific things. i did have a good look at the specifications but wanted to check with members on here (preferably someone who has Artist 7) first.

1 - i have HALion Sonic and HALion SE but wondered if Artist 7 comes with any additional sounds to these ??

2 - Does Artist 7 come with any extra VST FX (eg. Chorus, Compressors, etc) ?? And does it come with the full version of Roomworks Reverb (ie. not the SE version).

3 - Does Artist 7 come with the VariSpeed facility ??

Thanks very much in advance…





Hi Thinking Cap,

Thats really great, thanks a lot.

i may upgrade to Artist 7 and then later on in the year to 7 Full. i can’t afford the full version at the moment.