Cubase Artist 6 book? (recommend one)

Is there any industry standard one/author/publisher that covers procedures well, one that you used for versions 4 or 5 but now out for version 6 etc?

Something that will cover the basics, through to more in depth info for an advanced user, To produce dance music, D&B, Dubstep, electro kind of stuff, using plugins (komplete 8 for now is plenty) using some samples, but not recording anything live (that can be looked at later if I decide to)

At the moments I can barely remember shortcuts, or how to even get the midi keyboard to work, but as I doubt I will buy another book for it, I may as well get one that covers most things that I would need, I am using youtube vids at moment but they are not ideal and some specifics are hard to find. I don’t really like the pdf manual that is within cubase, it seems awkward to use for me, alternatively maybe there is a recommended tutorial online?


(Win 7 btw)

Thanks split, will be usefull, though I’m having some issues with sound when I switch back and forth between cubase and video, so thought maybe a text/image format would be easier, plus I may end up offline with this at some point.

these will be great help though, don’t know why I couldn’t see them before.

Try the release Drivers in background

Sorry I should have said, am new here and to cubase, not really sure what the above means. Do you mean get the latest drivers? I only isntalled cubase this week along with fresh start of win 7…

No It’s a setting in Cubase, somewhere in Device Setup/VST Audio System.

Release Driver When Application Is In Background

The setting Split mentioned is for watching videos while using Cubase. Cubase hijacks the audio interface driver, demanding full control over it. That is why you have trouble watching videos while Cubase is active. Using the option Split mentioned Cubase disconnects from the audio interface when it is out of focus, and reconnects when you bring it back up :slight_smile:

oh yeah, been doing so much, forgot I had already did that which made it better but i still have to refresh chrome to get it to play the vid again, which is better than before but just a bit of a pain, can work with it but was thinking maybe a book would be better. Someone else suggested maybe its a chrome issue so will install firefox and try that.

Thanks people.