Cubase Artist 6 Demonstration Compostions/Arrangements

Synthesizer Arrangements/Compositions peformed on a ‘Nord Stage 88 Classic’ and ‘Roland JV1080’ module. Created using Cubase Artist 6 software.

“Praise My Soul” - Source - Ancient & Modern Hymns / Arrangement - Paul David Seaman (2012)

“Lawra” - Composer - Tony Williams / Arrangement - Paul David Seaman (2012)

"Light As A Feather - Composer - Stanley Clarke / Arrangement - Paul David Seaman (2012)

“No Stop Home” - Composer - Wayne Shorter / Arrangement - Paul David Seaman (2012)

“First Trip” - Composer - Ron Carter / Arrangement - Paul David Seaman (2010)

Great head on First Trip. Rhodes thing had a good funky groove. I would love to hear a completed piece as the 30 sec clip just isn’t enough to express any emotions. Post one finished piece for us please

I agree, it sounds great but I would love to hear a complete 4 minute song :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for taking the time to check out my music. Much appreciated.

i will post something in full in the near future. At the moment i just wanted to offer a few samples to gain a bit of general feedback, to monitor my own progress, and to show site members where i am currently at with Cubase. i have only had Cubase since October 2011 and so i have a great deal to learn for sure. Its all work in progress…



Hey Paul,

The clips sound good, but I’d also like to hear a completed piece! :sunglasses:


Horn For Hire,

One of the reasons i have made short sample versions is so i can have more soundclip space on my Suound Cloud account. i am not a Premium member and so i think the total max is two hours playtime.

Plus, i only want to include (here) works which have been created soley on Cubase. i do have compositions lasting up to ten minutes but they were not recorded by myself or on Cubase.

i have just posted here a handful of tracks i made over the weekend.



I agree too. Just not enough of one piece to form a true opinion and there’s some nice ideas in there that I like.

You’d be better off having full pieces on Soundcloud rather than short clips anyway. But is it true that I heard Soundcloud has the audio at 128kbps anyway? If you used Youtube and disabled advertisements on your videos in the options (as to not irritate people) you can upload as much as you like and just prompt people to switch to 720p+ for better sound quality.

Hopefully you can get some full pieces made with Cubase up soon.