Cubase Artist 6 - Heavy Pops, Clicks & Stops

I have the following:

W7 64X
HP Pavilion p6130y with an AMD Phenom X4 9750 / 2.4 GHz processor
M-Audio FTP; latest driver confirmed
Cubase Artist 6; updated to 6.0.5
8gb DDR2 RAM

I belive my Cubase VST connections/settings are proper. It’s pointing to the M-Audio inteface.

When I open a few insterment tracks, I’m getting pops and clicks all over the place whether I record or not. Sometimes, the sound just suddenly goes out for a moment and comes back. Just playing notes causes it. I’m viewing my processor and ram performance while doing it and it does not appear that I’m even coming close to maxing out at all.

My M-Audio latency setting is at (a high) 512 and it defaults to record at 48. It won’t go to 44.1.

I don’t have a clue as to what’s causing it or what I need to do to resolve it. I’d really appreciate any guidance on how to overcome this issue.


Open up the VST performance meter. Keep an eye on it as you start to add stuff to your project. If it’s maxing out then there is probably something else on your system that is consuming the system resources that Cubase needs to work effectively.