Cubase Artist 6 - Logical Editor no longer there?

I have Cubase 6, and I’m liking it, but one of the schools I’m at is looking to upgrade, but they are on SX3, and had budgeted for an update to 5, but of course now they are three versions behind, their SX licence is worth nothing.

So, I’m looking into getting Artist 6 instead. But I’ve just been looking through the spec list, and see that the Logical Editor is no longer included in Artist. Is this right? It is in Studio 5. We make a LOT of use of it for getting all sorts of MIDI tasks done and its omission is a massive hurdle.

Is the spec sheet right? Have they really removed it?

Edit: Now I see the Time Warp Tool as well? This is insane.

Chris already said that there is no upgrade path from Studio to Artist, because it´s actually a downgrade. You need to go to for full version

A well known online auction site could be your friend here… :slight_smile:

just seen Cubase Studio 5, brand new, unopened box, for $299 - located in the USA… Other deals are available…

And as the ‘thinkingcap’ has already posted above - Artist 6 is deemed a ‘downgrade’ if you’re a Cubase Studio 5 owner. Hence there’s no offer to persue that path. The recommendation being to go to full C6 instead.

On your evidence, CA6 does seem somewhat ‘crippled’…

I think you’re missing the point - it’s a school, they need 16 copies of the software, plus they can’t just buy stuff from eBay, alas.

Given that the “upgrade” from SX3 is now £420 (as opposed to £150 when it was C5) there simply isn’t the money for the school to take that route - ideally they would all be on C6, but it’s just not financially possible.

Sorry - didn’t make myself clear…

thought you were anxious/concerned/miffed about CA6 ‘missing’ some much needed features… and also the expense…

So, why not go to Cubase Studio 5 instead…? Cheaper and more features… :slight_smile:

I’m sure the (online) dealer (E-Bay or otherwise - lots of legit ones out there; doesn’t have to be the SB shop does it…?) might consider coming to some arrangement for you/them, given the quantity the school wants to buy… There is of course the Education version (£160.00 + shipping) that’s even cheaper - and again, why not phone and at least ask about getting the quantity required - and maybe a deal…?

If there’s one entity entitled to an educational version, I’d say it’s a school. Contact Steinberg and ask them about it - 16x the full Cubase 6 on educational license should be within your budget…

Luck, Arjan

They do of course qualify for educational discount, but the C6 education price is still out of their budget - the cheapest I’ve seen it is £253 per machine, whereas the upgrade was around £150, so there’s an extra £1500 which the school simply doesn’t have; it’s taken me 3 years to get the upgrade agreed, and now it comes round to it the price has effectively gone up by 66%.

No, it doesn’t need to be Steinberg’s online shop. but it does need to satisfy supplier requirements (which I don’t know, but certainly previously there have been issues with small suppliers meaning they were not an option), and there is also the fact that this upgrade won’t be happening or financed straight away - it is probably another 2-3 months away before the actual purchase; I would think that would mean there is little chance of obtaining an upgrade to C5 at the old price or buying CS5 outright is minimal. Checking at all the usual suspects shows that “this product is discontinued”, even now; I’d not expect suppliers to hold large stocks.

I am concerned that CA6 is missing features - the logical editor has been in Cubase since the Atari days, and the timewarp tool is an important one which it’s very difficult to complete some parts of the syllabus I teach without using it - othewise I would have suggested the school goes with CA6, but given these two missing features it’s not practical to do so, hence my asking if they really were missing.

why don’t you talk to steiny on a deal cause there is a grace period that if you update from sx3 (as i did ) to c5 for £156 and then use the grade period fee of £24 you should be able to get c6 for £180 but weather they would do you a deal on 16 licences you can only ask !


Hello djaychela,

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