Cubase Artist 6 Midi Help needed!

hi, apologies if this topic has been covered before; I am new to this forum and fairly new to Microkorgs and digital recording.

My band recently split up and i have inherited the recordings we made from the drummer who both engineered the sessions and finished the band! I have a 10 song album that is over 3/4 complete and i’m hoping to finish it off for old times sake and a low-key digital release.

I am using Cubase Artist 6 with a Mac laptop. The sessions were recorded in an older version of Cubase.

Many of the songs have midi parts (mostly synth / piano parts and some beats) and virtual instrument tracks. I also need to add some extra VST tracks such as piano. Obviously the old MIDI parts do not play now as i don’t have the same outboard equipment.

But I have a Microkorg which off course has MIDI. I have just purchased an Alesis MIdi-USB cable to connect it to my Mac.

But now I get stuck. Can anyone help me with the basics of setting it up and generating sounds? My laptop recognises the USB connection in the Audio Midi set-up.
But do i need to add a device in Audio Midi set-up at this stage and what are the settings?
Do i need drivers for the Midi-USB cable It’s meant to be plug in and play)?
What settings do i need on the Microkorg and what settings do i need in Cubase?
The manuals and help topics for all have proved ineffective!
Any assistance much appreciated and i can send you a copy of the album when finished!

In theory if everything is plug and play it’s as easy as setting the midi track output to the korg, and connect the korg to your speakers and hit play. For recording you’ll need an audio connection from the korg to your mac obviously, do you have an audio interface?

By the way, I thought the microkorg had a usb connection? That means you don’t need a midi to usb cable at all.