Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase 6 - Midi/sequencing wise

Hi there,

I have Cubase Essential 5 and am going to upgrade soon. I mostly do sequencing and have gotten more and more into orchestral sample music. Also I’ll be sequencing more VST synths in the future.

So my question is, for midi and sequencing, which of the two Cubases should I pick? Is Cubase Artist 6 going to be enough or will there be certain features in Cubase 6 that I’ll definitely be wanting as I get into deeper midi editing?

For instance, I see that Cubase 6 has VST Expression 2.0, whereas Cubase Artist does not… Is this a feature one shouldn’t be without?

What do you think? :confused:

Aloha K
(from a real MIDIot here)

I am not familiar with Artist but from my point of view, if you
are going to really get into MIDI then do not limit yourself.

Especially if you are going to do orch stuff (and you want it to sound ‘real’)
you are going to need every trick/feature in the book.

C6 is a great MIDI programme and the new MIDI features are killer.

So much so I wish Steiny still made a MIDI only programme.

In the end cost may win out but if you can afford it go with C6.

Having said all that, perhaps there are some other MIDIots on the board
that have used Artist and can chime in on its MIDI limitations (if any)


I don´t know what you´ll be wanting, or how deep you´ll get into it (how should I - obviously you don´t know yourself), but given the fact that:

CA 6 upgrade from CE 5 = € 99,99 (special offer) and C6 update from CA 6 = € 249 -Total: € 348,99

Cubase 6 upgrade from Cubase Essential 5 = € 499 - Total € 499

It seems quite an easy decision, if you really intend to update. May depend on where you´re from though

Thank you so much for the comments, curteye and thinkingcap.

I’m still not sure what to do and price is indeed an issue so I might just go with Cubase Artist 6 and see if I run into any limitations along the way.

Did you (or anyone else) have any thoughts on VST Expression 2.0? Is it a very valuable tool?


I personally find vst expression invaluable. It’s the biggest reason I don’t have “wandering eyes” :smiley: :smiley:

IMHO Good idea. Looks like from there you can upgrade all the way to C6
and still save a lil money.

I use it all the time.
My big band horn sections now sound much more ‘real.’
Much more like a big band horn section should sound.
Tight. Very tight; but not perfect.