Cubase Artist 6 Pre-Owned?

Hi Sorry if this is something that has been answered before, i couldnt see anything and theres a LOT of forums!

I purchased a pre-owned version of Cubase Artist 6, complete with dongle etc, however i was unaware that if had been used then the original owner would have to deregister. The place i bought it from was completely unhelpful and refused a refund so i am stuck with the very pretty box CDs and USB dongle that are completely useless.

Is it possible to purchase a serial seperately or will that cost the same as the software new? The fact i have the dongle and discs etc i would hope that i would be able to get something sorted?

Can anyone help? (if this bit is against the rules then i apologise in advance!) If anyone has recently upgraded to 7 and has a serial they would be willing to sell then please let me know!

Thanks and apologies again if this is breaking any rules.



I see that you have a dongle. Does it have a license on it? You would have to install eLicenser Control Center to see what licenses are on the dongle. If there is a license on the dongle, you may be in luck as long as the original owner doesn’t report it as lost or stolen.