Cubase artist 6 quadrafuzz?

Hey guys, im running cubase artist 6 on mac book pro, quadrafuzz was a staple vst of mine on previous versions on pc.I was previously running cubase essential 4 on pc, which had quadrafuzz. which doesnt work on essential 4 on my mac either, is there any way i can get it running on CA6?

MANY THANKS :smiley:

ps the site must of been updated a while back…has everyones post history been deleted? :stuck_out_tongue:

guess it cant be done? how about magneto he he :smiley:

wish they would bring out another classis bundle!

Try this:

wow thanks this looks really good. good you or anyone explain how i can get the vsts from there?

there appears to be this file VSTi.sitx but i caant see any plugins for the effects

thanks for all input :slight_smile:

ah? may they not work due to me running osx 10.6.8?

Quadrafuzz is actually here:

But pretty sure Quadrafuzz is PPC only so won’t run on your Mac.

& FYI the sitx file can be be uncompressed with stuffit expander.