Cubase Artist 6 submixers

Dear Steinberg users,

Recently I moved from Cubase 5 tot Cubase Artist 6. I am very pleased with the software, however I am missing one function from cubase 5: multiple mixers!

I used to work with a secondary mixer in wich I created several channels working as “sub groups”. For example: I used to route all percusion in a group channel for summed EQ and compression. The seperate mixer gave great overview of the situation.

In Cubase 6, I am able to create additional groups but haven’t found a way to place these channels in a separate mixer. I’m only able to place these channels in the main mixer.

Is there still a way to create a separate submixer, or is this function gone?

Kind regards

Limitation of Artist 6, only 1 mixer view.

Bummer, thought Cubase 6 had no advantages over Artist for me.
Thanks for the quick response!

Recently I moved from Cubase 5 to Cubase Artist 6

Not sure why you would do that when the upgrade to C6 from C5 was cheaper than buying Artist (& there’s no crossgrade from C5 full to Artist afaik)