Cubase Artist 6 & Superwave Synths

Just playing around with my Superwave VST and Cubase Artist 6. Slowly getting the hang of this thing.

This is Superwave P8?
I used to use that a lot, but it’s not 64-bit so I dropped it when upgrading. VSTbridge isn’t reliable with it unfortunately.
It’s great for those ‘van Halen ‘Jump’’ type sounds. And it’s free, so I would recommend it for any Windows 32-bit users :wink:

Especially with Retrologue out now in 6.5, I don’t miss it anymore though.

Yeah, it’s a fat old 80s sound on the P8!

The one I used is Superwave “Professional” and “Trance” which are the paid versions of SWP8.

I was just thinking the other day why Cubase wasn’t loading my old free SWP8 as I couldn’t see it under the instrument options…so it must be incompatible?

I’m running Windows 7 64bit OS.

I see, I had no idea there was a paid version as well.
I couldn’t find a 64-bit version of Superwave P8 (the free one that is). The 32-bit one does load in Cubase 64, but it can cause instability so I decided to just go without it.

Nice track :slight_smile: