Cubase Artist 6

I have Cubase Artist 6 and I bought a new computer (mac). And when I connect the USB-eLicenser It seem to me that I need to insert the activation code and when I put it is showing me that the license is already installed on my old computer. I tried everything and it fails every time. What should I do ?

Thank you

The license is on the dongle. You don’t need a new activation. When the window comes up and asks, is there an option to click something like, “Already registered”?

No. When I start cubase it seem “no valid license found. The program will quit now” And this gives me the option to choose between ok and start license activation.

Did you install the latest version of e-License Control Center and confirm that the license is, in fact, on the dongle?


I tried to get a new code through mysteinberg but even there it seem that the license has been installed on my old computer

I’m confused. Do you have a USB license (a dongle) or a soft license (on the hard drive) or did you have a USB and transferred it to the hard drive (not sure if that’s even possible…)

I have USB license

The problem is (most likely) one of two things…

  1. The computer is not recognizing the USB dongle. You said that you opened the E License Control Center and actually viewed the licenses on the dongle correct? This would mean that the dongle is being recognized and able to be viewed by the computer.

  2. You don’t actually have a license on the dongle for the software you are trying to run. Maybe you have a license for Cubase 6 and are trying to run Cubase 6.5. Maybe you have a license for Elements and are trying to run Artist. Make sure that the license that you see in the eLicense Control Center is the same as the software you are trying to start.

You could post a screen shot of your e-Licenser display (MAKE SURE YOU BLOCK OUT ANY LICENSE NUMBERS) and a screenshot of the Cubase version you have installed. But, you can probably determine yourself if you have the appropriate license for the software.

Beyond these two things, you will need to contact support with an official support ticket.


EDIT: I guess you could also try re-installing Cubase. Perhaps something went wrong there.

This is the pictures

OK. So you have a license on the dongle for Cubase Artist 6. Your picture 2.png is irrelevant. Of course, it won’t let you download ANOTHER license on the same activation code but you don’t need to anyway. The license is already on the dongle.

Now we just need to confirm that you are, in fact, trying to start Cubase Artist 6. I am not sure how you can show that. A picture of the icon or the installed program version from “installed programs” or whatever the Mac equivalent is.

The other thing is that I notice you have an educational license. I really have no idea if there are any other restrictions on those licenses such as one computer only, etc., so I can’t really help there.


It is what it shows when I try to run the cubase

OK. But, that still doesn’t show me what program you are trying to run… For example, you haven’t downloaded and installed Cubase 6.5 or something have you?

I installed Cubase 6.5.4

Aha… Cubase 6.5 was a new “paid” version that requires a Cubase 6.5 license. You need to install Cubase 6 (Artist), preferably from your original CDs and then update to 6.0.7 from the downloads section under “support” on the MySteinberg page.

I lost the original CD’s. Where can I download the version 6.0.0 ?
Here is a link to a Cubase 6 Trial version. I think it had full functionality but may have been short on some of the content for HSSE. Remember, it does not matter that this is a trial version since you have a permanent license.

This is succeeded !
Thank you so much !

Glad it worked. Enjoy!