Cubase Artist 7.07, Mavericks and EastWest

I recently made the move to a new Mac Pro, couldn’t be happier with it overall! It’s a beast!


On PC I was using Cubase Artist 7 with no issue, and now it simply will not start on Mavericks in 64-bit mode. It runs fine in 32-bit. I need to run it in 64-bit as I compose using a large range of East West’s VST instruments, and I need to access my full 32Gb RAM or at least most of it.

I am considering updating to Artist 7.5 but need to be SURE that it will support my large 100-track projects with at least 50 instances of East West Play v4 (running 3-4 instruments each, instead of ~8 instances running the maximum 16 instruments)

I find myself considering the move to Logic Pro X as an alternative as on forums I’ve read that it is the most stable DAW for large film-scoring projects. I’ve been a Cubase user for a good 5 or 6 years now though (I’m 21) and I’m not eager to let go of what used to be my favourite DAW, particularly for large MIDI projects.

Can anyone help me with knowledge of what has been fixed in artist 7.5 with specific relation to Mavericks and East West?