cubase artist 7.5 and steven slate drums 4 issue. please hel

Hi, I’m brand new to recording and these programs. I bought cubase artist 7.5 for my first daw and steven slate 4.0 for some drums. I’ve been trying to get the 2 programs to work together. When I go into cubase and go to devices, then down to VST instruments and choose ssdsampler the window that pops up which is the ssd sampler window comes up blank and freezes cubase. Any help to why it’s doing this and how to fix it?

That is weird.

I do not have an answer for you but you will be best listing your system details for others.

Good luck Erik!

System details? I guess you mean the computer? It’s a brand new hp Envy, 8gb of ram, Intel core i5 processor, 750gb hard drive. The computer is about 4 days old.

I had a bear of the install process with your same configuration. The key problem was the unraring of the files. Do an uninstall and then grab all the ear files and unpack. I was doing each one separately and had the same issues. Also Slate support logged in and attempted many ways but in the end I read the method to install wrong. Works great now. Just double check your unrar process. Good luck!

I haven’t (un)rarred anything but I figured since I bought the DVD installation it was already done. So I need to (UN)rar my library files? I’m computer illiterate.

Sir thank you so much for the input! After 14 and a half hours it finally worked!!! Thank you so much man!