Cubase Artist 7.5 Audio Glitch

Dear Cubase Support

Firstly, apologies if this post is in the wrong place, the ‘Issues’ forum was locked for some reason.

I’m having a problem whereby I’m experiencing an audio glitch that only appears on playback. The glitch isn’t noticeable while monitoring/recording, i.e. only when I play it back. I tried to increase my buffer size but the problem remains. It doesn’t do it constantly on all audio, just suddenly a section of audio starts experiencing it.

View a video of the Glitch here:

My Setup:

  • Intel Core i7 CPU @3.40Ghz
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • 16GB RAM
  • Firewire Interface is a Manhatten 400 PCI Express
  • Saffire Pro 40 (running latest Mix Control Software, version 3.4)
  • Cubase Artist 7.5

I did a session in Audacity the other day and so far the glitch hasn’t appeared. Is it possible it is a Cubase bug? I’m happy to upgrade to Artist 8 if I know for certain the problem will be resolved.

Looking forward to your advice urgently!

Many Thanks,