Cubase Artist 7.5 & Cubase 4 Studio

Is there any way I can make my license for Cubase Artist 7.5 work for Cubase 4 Studio and if so, how?


BTW this is in Windows 7 on a Mac Mini through Bootcamp

When installing an update/upgrade, the new license replaces the previous license. This leaves you with a single software license after the update/upgrade has completed. You can also run your old software with this license…

Well…except that in this case it isn’t working. I suspect that it has to do with the switch over to the new USB whereas Cubase 4 Studio is still on the old synchrosoft. I might be able to add the synchrosoft but I’m nervous about screwing up my dongle for Artist 7.5



unfortunately this is not possible. Only a full Cubase license will enable you to use Cubase Studio again, but since Artist is actually a “smaller” version than Studio was (which is the reason why there is no update from Studio to Artist), you won’t be able to open Cubase Studio with the Artist license.


Thank you Luis for taking the time to let me know the real reason why I couldn’t get it to work. It would be interesting to see a comparison chart between Studio and Artist to see what you mean by Studio being a bigger program than Artist; it would also be interesting to know why that was done, ie, why Artist is more restricted than Studio was.