Cubase Artist 7.5 installation problem

I am having difficulty installing Cubase Artist 7.5.

First, I should note that while we ordered Cubase Artist 7.5, it appears that according to the box we got Cubase Artist 7. I called Asknet customer service to determine whether we had received the wrong product, and was told no, Steinberg hadn’t updated the boxes yet. (The box itself only says “Cubase Artist”, but a sticker on the bottom says “Cubase Artist 7.”) At any rate, even if it is Cubase Artist 7 I presume we’d be under the grace period to upgrade for free as noted on the Steinberg website.

We are installing the program on an Apple computer, OS X Mavericks 10.9.1.

When we try to install, everything works fine until we get to when the program is “Registering Updated Applications.” Then the install program prompts me to either “Insert the HALion Sonic SE disc to continue the installation” or “Cancel.” The box includes the following HALion discs: HALion Sonic v. 1.6.1 Installation DVDs (2 discs) and HALion Sonic SE Content v. 1.6.3. I’ve tried inserting all three discs at the prompt, but the program doesn’t recognize any of them. When I cancel, it aborts the installation.

I’ve tried installing both under the Start Manager, and manually, with the same results. Am I missing a disc, or is there something else wrong here?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!