Cubase artist 7.5 - manual

Hi there,
I’m very new in cubase, I just bought the cubase 7.5 artist.
I didn’t get any manual that explain about the software and the things I can do with… (I have some idea as we work at uni with logic… )

so if anyone can point me for a sites with good manual and such, it will be great…

meanwhile, I have got one specific question:

is there a event list in cubase like in logic pro?


your manual can be accessed via the cubase tag “help” on the project page or in your program folder as "documentation "

I’ve got some other questions if you don’t mind…

  1. I just connect my scarlett 2i2 and here is the latency I have :

how do I reduce this latency… and actually what is normal latency to work with?

right now, I have the scarlett 2i2 connected to the computer via usb, and the impulse 49 midi controller connected also to the computer via usb.

should I connect the impulse to the scarllet or to leave it as it is?

what is better ?


in your picture , in the left section under the asio you have selected is the scarlet driver ,if you click on to that then you can adjust the latency in there , everyone will suggest and different setting but 128 is normally quite good for low latency and to stop the pops and click .
You need to have them both connected to the computer you don’t connect impulse to the soundcard
If you load the novation driver ,in the device setup menu at the top left corner there is a plus sign and if click on that and add novation then that should select you controller keyboard.
hope that makes sense to you :wink:

This may help.

Thanks to you two :slight_smile:

I’ve got another issue… It
when I listen to music via the scarlett 2i2 or playing midi in cubase via the scarlett 2i2 the sound is very very’ dirty’ (like there is a distortion and basically you cannot do/understand nothing…

why is that and what should I do…


Edit: problem fixed :slight_smile: