Cubase Artist 7.5 stuck on "Initializing: eLC".

I start Cubase Artist 7.5 and when loading I get stuck at “Initializing: eLC” for infinite time.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit with Cubase Artist 7.5. I have the blue dongle connected and it lights up.

I have no idea what to do next. I’ve tried reinstalling with different versions of the DVD/ISO and I’ve also tried different eLC versions. It worked just a week ago and now it seems impossible to get it working.

FYI I tried starting this thread in the report issue forum but it was locked for some reason, so I try here.

Does the red led in the dongle glow?
Have you tried another usb port?
Have you tried the maintanance function in the eLicenser Control Center?
Have you installed the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center (download it from the steinberg website)?

I found a way to solve this after many hours of tedious error searching. The problem had nothing to do with the eLicenser Control Center to do, the problem was actually that Cubase was wanting me to choose between Artist or trial on full version. For some reason, this window did not show, so I was stuck. There was no way to proceed! I reinstalled Cubase and Windows… then I got it working. But now drag and drop doesn’t work on Windows 10… so that’s great… :imp:

I Got the same problem on Cubase artist 7.6 x64 on Windows 10.
Y elicense has been working fine for years.
Recently I bought a new computer, and after a week of working with the program it just won’t start.
Stuck on initializing eLC. I’ve tried all of the steps above for a few times and they all wouldn’t work.
According to the eLicenser center- /my elicincer works fine.
What should I do?

Hi, I have the same problem. Any solution available?

I had the same problem got hung up on initializing elc. I had upgraded from artist 7 to 7.5
I found that the problem came on when I had the dongle out and went to start the program. After that, it just hung no matter how many usbs I tried the dongle in. So I found out it is the frame.xml causing the problem with the hang. So I went to users/yourname/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubase 7_64 folder and copied frame.xml and pasted it into the cubase7.5_64 folder overwriting the old frame.xml. Bingo it offers up the start trial or cubase artist 7, which is 7.5. Good to go again and didn’t lose a a single setting or file. Not sure if it will work for everyone but, it saved losing everything by doing a clean install.

Anyone had an answer to solve this ?
I have the same problem on Cubase 9.5

Many thx